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I am a passionate and motivated designer who is inspired by all things creative from Graphic Design through to Product Design. I am conscientious and am happy to go that extra mile in order to complete a task. I have an eye for detail and am a firm believer that the devil is in the detail and is what can make the difference between a good and great piece of design, whether on paper or in 3D.


I am proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign extensively and have used consistently on a day-to-day basis. I also have a basic knowledge of Dreamweaver and how to maintain a website. I am competent in the use of Word and Excel and have recently started to learn Google SketchUp.


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Dreamweaver
Google SketchUp


Time Management
Team Player


New Era Fuels Graphic Designer June 2017 – Present

Working as the sole in house Graphic Designer for a Fuels and Lubricant distribution company. The tasks undertaken included the production of digital and printed promotional material, vehicle wrapping, interior design, show stand design, web design support to third party web management company all to tight deadlines whilst managing other tasks that are crucial to the everyday running of the company.

Key roles and tasks included:
  • Design and production of all printed promotional material such as flyers, brochures, business cards, posters, labels and stickers for all manners of applications
  • Show stand design and production including liaising with printers to ensure deadlines are meet and end result it the best quality possible.
  • Vehicle wrapping working with the sign company to ensure best outcome possible.
  • Organisation of printing of large format prints for internal
  • Sourcing and embroidery for company uniforms
  • Promotional give away material sourcing and management
  • Signage creation and sourcing for depots and headquarters
  • E-mail marketing design and creation for education and promotional purposes.
  • Website stockist updating using wordpress
  • Interior design conceptualisation and realisation
  • PowerPoint presentation creation
  • Supporting 3rd party web management company with relevant web content upon request

Horizon Hobby UK Senior Graphics & Media Designer 2007 – April 2017

A key member of a multi-functional media team for the UK-based arm of a Global Radio Control Toy and Hobby Product manufacturer and distributor. Specific roles are often varied and involve extensive use of Adobe Creative Suite products to produce marketing and promotional material across multiple channels to support key product launches and sales department objectives whilst also designing and producing printed catalogues to provide both consumers and dealers invaluable product information on an on-going regular basis.

Key roles and tasks included:
  • Design and realisation of in-store promotional material including product and brand themed Point Of Sale material, window-clings, product stands, shelf backings and mobiles.
  • Management of industry sector magazine advertising budget and promotional campaigns including product review scheduling along with brand and product advertising design in liaison with Sales Director and in alignment with corporate product development announcements.
  • Design and realisation of deadline-driven printed marketing material including regular product-based publications and seasonal brochures from layout and concept design through to liaison with external print houses.
  • Creation of B2B and B2C website product material to support product announcements and sales office driven promotional campaigns
  • Product and market insights and trend analysis to support future product development and identification of sales opportunities.
  • Brand and Product driven web design to reinforce brand values and consumer focussed brand identification.
  • Creation and management of social media presence across multiple channels and platforms to engage with the end-consumer and retail customers to promote product awareness and brand allegiance.
  • Creation and realisation of promotional product videos and photography.
  • Artwork designs in support of various company-sponsored events and promotions.

Horizon Hobby UK Race Team Manager 2013 – April 2017

In addition to my Graphics and Media Role, I am also the UK race team manager responsible for the management of the company’s surface brand sponsored drivers who represent and promote the brands across the country at various race meetings each weekend. The team comprises of over thirty drivers from partially assisted drivers right through to professional, paid drivers who are also responsible for providing development feedback and analysis back to the product design teams in Southern California.

Key roles and tasks included:
  • Talent Identification and recruitment of upcoming new drivers who demonstrate key competencies to ensure that the right profile of driver is chosen to represent the company.
  • Supporting individual team members with technical information and encouragement
  • Working with the top level drivers to develop set ups for the team/general public to use
  • Providing feed back to the manufacturer on new parts in a manner that is factual, easy to understand and structured
  • Over processing and facilitation for team members
  • Liaising with clubs to organise race series (in conjunction with my Graphic Design abilities to help create relevant media to publicise the event/series).
  • Creation of forums and mechanisms to allow Team Members to speak/discuss technical issues and share technical information in order to allow the individuals to perform better at the track and help our customers.
  • Contract Creation for Paid driver and negotiation
  • Introduction of new induction process for new team members including creation of Guideline, Agreement, Decal and Account Creation documents.

Frazer Designers (Freelance) 2006-2007

After completing my degree I worked as a Freelance Product Designer making the most of the connections I had made during the shows I had attended. I was briefed with the project and tasked with coming up with conceptual designs, presenting them in various formats, from sketches, photoshop renderings and foam models. My key role here was to provide fresh and creative ideas that were purely conceptual initially that were then developed further jointly with others at the company to turn into realisation.

Key roles and tasks included:
  • Consumer electronics product design realisation from client briefing and concept studies through to theme and ideas presentation using sketched artworks and photoshop renderings.
  • Designs included household satellite digital TV set top-boxes and remote controls.


1995 - 2000
St Marks
9 GCSE 8 A* - C Grade
2000 - 2002
St Marks
3 A Level (Design Technology, Physics, Chemistry), 1 AS Level (Maths)
2002 - 2003
University of Hertfordshire
Passed 1st year of Computer Aided Engineering Degree
2003 - 2007
University of Hertfordshire
1st Class Honors Degree in Product Design


For many years I have raced model cars competitively across the UK and Europe. This has taught me a lot about what it takes to succeed and how to achieve your goals and to be organised and disciplined to get prepared before events on a weekly basis. This has given me an understanding of the technical side of cars and the different aspects of tuning them from suspension settings through to roll centre adjustment. It has also taught me how best to work as a part of a team and how to help each other in order for all to achieve the best result possible on the day of the event. I have also worked with manufactures to develop platforms and give technical feedback on new products which I had to do in a professional manner and show objectively what was better or worse.

I have always been a big motorsport fan and avidly follow Formula 1 amongst other race series. Not only am I interested in the spectacle of racing but I am excited by the design and technology of the sport and find it fascinating how the teams work around rules and regulations in order to be the best. This passion for motor sport spills over to road cars and I am constantly inspired and seduced by the design of them whether it is a high performance car through to an everyday road car.

In addition to this I have recently started Obstacle Course Racing and have enjoyed the training on the lead up to the event as well as the challenge each course brings. I find it a massive achievement to complete the courses and find my competitive spirit comes to the forefront that makes me want to achieve more. I really relish the camaraderie you experience on the course with everyone encouraging each other to push themselves and succeed.



If you wish to get in contact with me please do so via email. The address is christopherdelves@gmail.comClick the address to send me a mail.
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